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CLARUS VISION Phone (512) 835-1234
Clarus Vision logo
Highest quality touch screen integration solutions/strong>. 50+ years of industry experience, our team is able to design, engineer, and manufacture all varieties of touch screen products, including: Custom embedded touch screen displays, Touch screen sensor panels - Resistive & PCAP, Chip-on-flex digitizers, System electronics and sub-components, Custom cover glass sizes, Custom screen printing and logos, Systems ruggedization, User interactive solutions and Touch Controllers 

Maida Phone (757) 723-0785
Varistors, Thermistors and ceramic disc capacitors Multi-layer SMD Varistors, 5mm to 53mm Thru-hole.

MCI Transformer Phone (707) 459-5994
MCI Transformer
Standard Catalog and Custom Transformers from 1VA to 150KVA, certified UL, CSA, TUV, CE Standards. PC Mount, Chassis Mount & Switcher designs, Coils, Inductors, Chokes, Three Phase, Toroids.

RCD Components Phone (877) 723-2667
RCD Components
Resistors aluminum housed, jumper, surge, ceramic, film, foil, network, fusible, high voltage, wire wound, high ohm, Capacitors ceramic & tantalum, Chokes and Coils high current, shield, high value, Delay Lines active, digital, passive, Magnetic isolation transformers, pulse, custom Magnetics, Toroids, Transformers, and Inductors axial, radial, surface mount.

WIMA logo
Paper Capacitors, Plastic Film Capacitors, DC Link , GTO, Snubber and Supercapacitors, cascaded and balanced SuperCap modules; SMD and Leaded Since 1948

YC Cable Phone (888) 477-4320
YC Cable
Cables and harnesses ISO 9001:2008, TS16949, FDA registered, UL and CSA certified. Automotive, industrial, computer, telecommunications, medical, RF and consumer markets.